We Know How to Grow!

IGS will be offering courses to customers that will help to answer questions from beginner to advanced. We bring in experts who specialize in all areas of gardening.  Matt has given talks to several community organizations interested in sustainable and controlled plant growth.  Contact IGS if you are part of a group that would like to reserve a presentation. 

Points System Discounts

Email indoorgardensupply@yahoo.com to sign up for unlimited discounts and in store giveaways.  All we require is a working email addy so we can send you your discount coupons and keep you informed of sales. With our already low prices you can quickly earn enough points to pay well below MSRP on thousands of products in stock.

IGS excels in room design and how to make the most of the space you have available to you.  From a 2x2 tent in your garage or closet to fully automated and sealed warehouse grows IGS can help to build a plan that will produce maximum results reguardless of the space.  Anyone can order products online but what comes after the sale is what makes the difference.  Service, support, and know how are just as important as price.  IGS has it all!

Continuing Education

Personalized Service


The ownership of Indoor Garden Supply has roots with over a century of growth in the Ozarks.  IGS was born in thought, form, and function in Colorado.  After college at MSU, Matt Wolfel, owner and operator of IGS moved to Colorado to expand his knowledge and experience in plant sciences and business.  When you walk into IGS, you are experiencing what the gardeners of Colorado have available to them. The products, practices, knowledge, and environment have been brought to you and available with just a quick drive across town.  IGS has a hometown feel with a Colorado kick.
Products We Carry
  • Organic Soils and Conditioners
  • Rockwool, Hydroton, Perlite
  • Organic and Synthetic Nutrients
  • pH, TDS. EC Meters and Solutions
  • Timers, Controlers, and Meters
  • CO2, Air Conditioning, Dehumidifiers
  • Baker Creek Seeds
  • HID, LED, and Fluorescent Lighting
  • Cloning, Seed Starting, and Propagation Systems
  • Tents, Films, and Reflective Materials
  • Organic Pesticides and Fungicides
  • Hydroponic Systems, Pumps, and Components
  • Fans, Filters, and Ducting

  • Anything else you may need or prefer is only a call away.
Brands We Carry
  • Fox Farm
  • Roots
  • Remo
  • Advanced Nutrients
  • General Hydroponics
  • Botanicare
  • Titan
  • Galaxy
  • ProMix
  • Hurricane
  • Sunshine
  • Sun Blaze
  • EZ Clone
  • Grodan
  • Gro Pro
  • Bluelab
  • Hanna

  • And much, much more!